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Papa Francisco: "O Assassinato de 19 Clérigos por Muçulmanos é Sinal que Deus quer Coexistir e Amar Dialogar Muçulmanos"

Como é que é?

Entre 1994 e 1996, 19 religiosos católicos foram assassinatos por muçulmanos na Argélia.

Mas o Papa acha que essas mortes são sinais que Deus quer coexistência e amor pelos muçulmanos e que esses assassinatos são uma prova de que cristãos e muçulmanos podem viver em paz?

Eu devo ter perdido a lógica desse raciocínio, eu e todos os papas que enfrentaram o Islã desde o nascimento dessa religião no século VII.

Vejam relato do Catholic News Service para acreditarem no que leram.

Algerian martyrs bear witness to Christian-Muslim peace, Pope Francis says


martyred during the Algerian civil war are a testament to God's plan of love and peaceful coexistence between Christians and Muslims, Pope Francis said.

In a message read Dec. 8 at the beatification Mass for the six women religious and 13 clerics, Pope Francis said it was a time for Catholics in Algeria and around the world to celebrate the martyrs' commitment to peace, but it was also a time to remember the sacrifices made by all Algerians during the bloody war.

Cardinal Angelo Becciu, prefect of the Congregation for Saints' Causes, celebrated the Mass in Oran, Algeria, for the martyrs who were killed between 1994 and 1996.

Both Christians and Muslims in Algeria "have been victims of the same violence for having lived, with faithfulness and respect for each other, their duties as believers and citizens in this blessed land. It is for them, too, that we pray and express our grateful tribute," the Pope said.

Among those who were beatified were Blessed Christian de Cherge and six of his fellow Trappists  – Fathers Christophe Lebreton, Bruno Lemarchand and Celestin Ringeard as well as Brothers Luc Dochier, Michel Fleury and Paul Favre-Miville – who were murdered in 1996 by members of the Armed Islamic Group in Tibhirine, Algeria.

Their life and deaths were the subject of the movie "Of Gods and Men," which won the grand prize at its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in 2010.

Several months after their deaths, Blessed Pierre Claverie, bishop of Oran, was assassinated along with his driver by an explosive device. According to the website of the Dominican Order of Preachers, his death was mourned also by Muslims who considered him "their bishop."

Pope Francis said that all Algerians are heirs of the great message of love that began with St. Augustine of Hippo and continued with the martyred religious men and women "at a time when all people are seeking to advance their aspiration to live together in peace."

"By beatifying our 19 brothers and sisters, the church wishes to bear witness to her desire to continue to work for dialogue, harmony and friendship," the Pope said. "We believe that this event, which is unprecedented in your country, will draw a great sign of brotherhood in the Algerian sky for the whole world."


Rezemos pelos martires. Eles devem ter mexido em seus túmulos. Que eles nos ajudem na Igreja.

domingo, 9 de dezembro de 2018

General do Egito: "Se você vai para um país diferente, e é recebido, Você deve Respeitar as Leis, a Cultura e Tradição do País"

Nenhum líder europeu da França, Alemanha, Espanha e Reino Unido de hoje é capaz de dizer essa obviedade

O Papa Francisco jamais diria isso.  Sinais dos tempos de trevas que vivemos. Sinto-me até meio ridículo em noticiar isso.

E quem fala é um líder muçulmano.

Vejam parte do relato do site Jihad Watch.

Egypt’s el-Sisi: “If you go to a country that welcomes you, you must respect its laws, traditions and culture”

Immigration: El Sissi more honest than Macron, Merkel and Trudeau,” translated from “Immigration: El Sissi plus honnête que Macron, Merkel et Trudeau,”, December 9, 2018 (thanks to David):
In the context of the recent World Youth Forum in Egypt, Egyptian President El Sissi participated in a session where he answered questions from young people. I translated from Arabic his answer to a question about emigration.
El Sissi: The second question is put to me by Mohammed Kassim (a young Afghan): Why world leaders are closing their doors to immigration?
I certainly do not intend to go further on this issue. Every state has the right to protect its people and see to its interests. It must respect human rights, of course, but in a framework that allows it to preserve its national interests.
Let me tell you this: Instead of asking why these countries are closing their doors, ask yourself why Afghans in Afghanistan do not care about the fate of their country. Why are they fighting for forty years to kill each other and self-destruct? This question also arises for other countries like Pakistan and … Egypt too. It is also relevant for Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen and Somalia. Why do we behave this way?
We are tearing ourselves apart within our countries, and afterwards we are asking the working states that toil day and night, who strive to preserve their achievements, to protect their population, to maintain their standard of living and development … we ask them to share with us the fruit of their labors, simply because we argue with each other! Let’s see! Note that I am neither for them nor against them, I’m just trying to be objective and fair in my view of the problem.
We have an obligation to criticize ourselves: Are we protecting our own states? Do the leaders of the states I am talking about (the Muslim states) have no obligation to be more equitable, more respectful and more considerate of their people? And do not they have the duty to make concessions, to sit down to table and solve their problems, whether in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq or Libya? Why do they not? You want to go the heads of European states, whether in England, Germany, Italy or elsewhere, who close their borders to protect the fruit of long years of hard work and effort to build an evolved society! We ask that they open their doors to us, while we want to impose our culture, even though it is far from their own, especially in the field of work and effort. Our work ethic is different from theirs, they have a rigorous ethic, they do not agree with any privilege or carelessness in the field of work or training. On the other hand, we allow ourselves, sometimes in an exaggerated way, pass-rights and complacency.
Do you intend to impose your culture? To hurt no one I would say this: as an immigrant I bring with me my Egyptian culture, I want everything without tiring myself! Is not this culture really ours?
Senior officials have asked me this question: “Why do you have so much unproductive labor?” I tell them that we have our ways and our habits, they correspond to what we are and we can not change them without causing clashes and disturbances.
Do you want to emigrate with your culture, which for you cannot be questioned? Do you want to impose it on the pretext that it is a human right? No! And by the way, if you go to a country that agrees to welcome you, you must respect, but with absolute respect, its laws, customs, traditions and culture. But you do not have this mindset; in fact, we are not at all in this mindset, so we must not go. Do you want them to open the door for you to enter and after that you create problems for them? No!
I’m not defending them, no, by Allah! I just judge from what I see and what I understand about events happening on this subject. It’s not possible, it’s been more than forty years that you kill each other and you want me to let you in? No! Want to solve your problems? Solve them in your countries. That’s why I say to the Egyptians, “take care of your country!” This is my message. Instead of asking others to open their doors, let us make sure that our land is enough for us, and in fact it is enough for us. In Egypt there is enough room for all Egyptians; we must avoid fighting against each other and thus demolish everything, otherwise the young people will choose to live elsewhere … No, it is unacceptable!
We must resolutely confront our problema.

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Coletes Amarelos Atingem 5 Países

O que querem e o que são esses coletes amarelos? Inicialmente, lutaram contra a estupidez ambientalista de Emmanuel Macron, na França, que queria combater o suposto aquecimento global tributando mais o diesel. Mas esses que gritam contra o impostos não sabiam que a estupidez ambientalista iria penalizar justamente aqueles que moram em países ricos?

Se levantaram agora por que demorou a ter um foco simples de ataque e assim conseguiu mais gente?

A pauta aumentou, agora alguns passaram a ver os coletes amarelos como anti-globalitas, há uns que lutam contra a imigração em massa na Suécia. Os manifestantes suecos dizem que a pauta deles é específica, mas a França e a Alemanha têm ainda mais problema e maior população de imigrantes muçulmanos.

Eles têm toda razão de lutar contra a imigração em massa, mas será que vão lutar contra o aborto e o casamento gay também ou é apenas uma pauta nacionalista?

Em todo caso, saúdo aqueles que se levantam contra pautas imbecis ambientais e de imigração em massa.

Vejam texto do Voice of Europe que mostra que a extensão dos calotes amarelos chegou a cinco países.

Anti-globalist yellow vests movement ‘conquers’ Europe and spreads to fifth country

The yellow vests movement has spread to its fifth country, Sweden. Starting in France on 17 November, protests of the anti-globalist movement have been seen in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. 
Now yellow vest demonstrations against the UN Migration Agreement have been announced in Sweden on Saturday and Sunday.
Last Sunday around 1,000 Swedes gathered outside Parliament in Stockholm to demonstrate against Sweden’s signing of the UN Migration Agreement. This weekend, even larger events with more speakers will be held in the same place.
Migration to Sweden is in focus because the whole of society is adversely affected when hundreds of thousands of migrants from the third world are brought into such a small country. However, in the future, other issues may also be addressed.
“The citizens have been informed that the led migration policy is a profit, which it is not”, says one of the speakers, independent journalist and writer Katerina Janouch.
“The issue of Sweden’s signing of the UN Migration Framework is too important to be hidden away. The signing is done behind the people’s backs.”
“There should be a referendum about this. We should not let a reality denying, high-on-power elite decide. It is becoming increasingly apparent that those who govern Sweden, whoever they are, don’t have what’s best for the Swedes in mind.”, she continues.
The Swedish resistance movement is inspired by the French, but not a copy of it. The Swedes focus on the issues considered most important for Sweden, while the French focus on their issues.
Another difference is that the Swedes have chosen events with speakers instead of street marches as protest form
Participants have been asked to wear yellow vests and a lot of those are likely to be seen in Sweden this weekend. Protests will also be held in Gothenburg, Malmö and several other cities.
As the yellow vests movement is spreading through Europe protests have been announced in Brussels (Belgium), Amsterdam and Rotterdam (The Netherlands), Stockholm (Sweden), Paris and several German cities.

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O Pai da Ideologia Trans é o Demônio, desde a Cobra do Gênesis.

A imagem acima é de uma pessoa que achou que era um réptil, daí cortou o nariz e orelhas. Abaixo, vemos outra pessoa que achou que era um gato (essa pessoa ao que tudo indica cometeu suicídio).

Abaixo, um homem, que depois de ter sete filhos,  achou que era uma crianças de seis anos.

Abaixo, uma mulher branca que achou que era negra.

O demônio está fora do debate político e social, alguém que o cita logo ver as pessoas se afastarem por considerar quem fala muito religioso, radical, fanático, e incoveniente.

Mas Michael Hichborn fez um excelente texto no site da Lepanto Foudantion para mostrar que o fundo teológico da ideologia trans e que o pai dessa ideologia é o demônio, desde a cobra do gênesis.

É um texto muito bem escrito e didático. Por exemplo, Hichborn diz que a cobra no Gênesis prometeu que Adão e Eva seriam "como os deuses" se comecem a maçã (Gênesis 3:5), assim o demônio em forma de cobra não disse que eles seriam como Deus, pois eles já eram como Deus, tinham a imagem e semelhança Dele,  a cobra disse que eles seriam "como deuses", seiam assim como o "resto dos demônios", que querem ser o que não podem ser. 

A ideologa trans é isso, tentativa de ser o que não se pode ser. Adão e Eva quiseram ser o que não podem ser.

Hichborn também lembra as passagens em Isaías 14:11-15, que falam do demônio, a passagem mostra que o demônio deseja ser Deus.

"Teu orgulho desceu à morada dos mortos, acompanhada do som de tuas harpas. Jazes sobre um leito de vermes e os vermes são a tua coberta. Então! Caíste dos céus, astro brilhante, filho da aurora! Então! Foste abatido por terra, tu que prostravas as nações!* Tu dizias: ‘Escalarei os céus e erigirei meu trono acima das estrelas. Eu me assentarei no monte da assembleia, no extremo norte.* Subirei sobre as nuvens mais altas e me tornarei igual ao Altíssimo’. E, entretanto, eis que foste precipitado à morada dos mortos, ao mais profundo abismo." 

Leiam parte do artigo de Hichborn abaixo:

Lucifer: The Founder of the Trans-Movement

In the 1970’s there was a tv show called the Six Million Dollar Man, which was about a man who had a series of body parts replaced by robotics.  The tag-line of this show was, “Gentlemen, we can rebuild him.  We have the technology.  We have the capability to make the world’s first bionic man.  Steve Austin will be that man.  Better than he was before.  Better.  Stronger.  Faster.”
The very idea of the show was that man could somehow be improved through technological enhancements.  We can see this philosophy playing out in many aspects of modern life.  In the world of genetics, scientists are tinkering with the human genome in an attempt to improve the human condition.  Some scientists have even attempted to splice human genes with animal genes.  In the world of entertainment, men and women obtain powers and abilities beyond human nature, whether it be by technology, genetic mutation, or occult sources.  And central to this mingling of fantasy with technology is the Trans-Movement.
The very essence of the Trans-Movement is the idea that someone can be that which they are not.  The feverish delirium that men can be women or that women can be men has swept the world to the point that civil laws are being enacted that punish people for refusing to go along with these sexual fantasies.  But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.
It should go without saying, but merely altering the appearance of a thing does nothing to change its nature.  If a rock is painted gold, it is merely a rock with gold paint on it … it does not suddenly become a gold nugget. Similarly, someone who mutilates their body to resemble an animal does not become that animal, and someone who wears the clothing of the opposite sex does not become that sex.  But this is precisely what the Trans-Movement would have us believe.
And if all of this seems even just a little bit satanic, it’s because it is.  In fact, one could even say that the very first sin … the one committed by Lucifer … was the very foundation for the entire Trans-Movement.
Isaiah 14: 11-15 gives us the account of Lucifer’s fall from grace:
“Thy pride is brought down to hell, thy carcass is fallen down: under thee shall the moth be strewed, and worms shall be thy covering.  How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, who didst rise in the morning? how art thou fallen to the earth, that didst wound the nations?  And thou saidst in thy heart: I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God, I will sit in the mountain of the covenant, in the sides of the north.  I will ascend above the height of the clouds, I will be like the most High.  But yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, into the depth of the pit.”
The portion in bold is a most curious line.  Lucifer, in its pride, said “I will be like the most High.”  At the beginning of the statement, Lucifer says, “I will be …” which is future-tense, meaning that Lucifer “currently is not.”  The very foundation of this sin of desiring to be that which Lucifer is not is the “pride” which brought it “down to Hell, into the depth of the pit.”  Lucifer is, in fact, the very first “Trans-Being” and the founder of the Trans-Movement itself.
Having thus been cast out of Heaven, Lucifer begins to work on convincing Eve to join its Trans-Movement.  In the Garden of Eden, in the form of a serpent, Lucifer attempts to convince Eve to eat the fruit of the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.  After Eve tells the serpent that if she ate the fruit that she would die, the serpent replies, “What is this talk of death?  God knows well that as soon as you eat this fruit your eyes will be opened, and you yourselves will be like gods, knowing good and evil.”
There are a couple of very important elements in what the serpent says here.  First of all, as with its own fall, the devil says, “you will be,” which is also to say, “you currently are not.”  So, Eve is being told that she can become something she is not.  But notice also that the serpent says she and Adam will become “like gods.”  Notice the lower-case “g” and the plurality of “gods.”  Adam and Eve wouldn’t become “like God,” because they already were “like” God, having been made in His image and likeness.  They would become like that which they were not … like “gods,” or more precisely, like the rest of the demons.
This temptation to become “like gods” is what led to the fall of the entire human race.  In other words, all of mankind fell from grace because of the lure of “transitioning.”
And this philosophy of transition has found a common thread through human history.  One example of this is found in the ancient mystical art known as alchemy.  This precursor to chemistry, which dropped the mystical and mysterious for the scientific, had a strong focus on transmutation.  In short, it was commonly believed that base metals, such as lead, could be transformed into noble metals like gold.  So, the idea with alchemy was that elements could become that which they are not.
Also found in the ancient world are chimeras; creatures that simultaneously possessed the parts of one species and the parts of another.  Griffins (which were part eagle and part lion), minotaur (part man and part bull), sphynx (part man and part lion) are all basic examples of chimeras.  The modern equivalent to the myths of chimeras is Darwinistic evolution, which posits the idea that every species of living organisms are in a state of transformation, eventually becoming another species.  Therefore, evolution is the alleged study of living creatures becoming that which they are not.
Leiam o resto clicando aqui.

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Conferência em Roma: Como Responder à Mudança de Paradigma do Papa Francisco

Em uma conferência realizada no último dia 29 em Roma, organizada pela Tradição, Família e Propriedade dos Estados Unido e pela Lepanto Foundation, foi dicutido a mudança de paradigma que o Papa Francisco está tentando implementar na Igreja Católica, com base no livro de José Antonio Ureta (imagem abaixo), que avalia os cinco anos de pontificado de Bergoglio.

Um dos palestrantes foi o monsenhor Nicola Bux, que alertou para as características marxistas da mudança de paradigma do Papa Francisco, que tenta tornar a práxis política em verdade, e assim Cristo se torna uma mera opinião e a liturgia se reduz a danças e palmas. Além de eliminar a capacidade de Cristo em julgar o mundo, o mundo é que silencia a Verdade de Cristo.

Para combater essa mudança de paradigma os palestrantes ressaltaram que não se deve ficar calado em defesa de Cristo e da Doutrina milenar da Igreja. Os católicos devem se levantar e defender sua fé, respondendo ao próprio Papa.

Pope Francis’ ‘Paradigm Shift’: What it Means and How to Respond to It
“The evolution in the Church's understanding of the Gospel over the centuries is not a question of a paradigm shift, but of the development of doctrine, organic and in continuity with the faith.”

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Vídeo: Obama: "Ei Digam, Obrigado Obama" (pelo amor de...(sei lá) mãe Terra)

Governo Trump bateu recorde histórico de desregulamentação financeira, reduziu impostos, luta contra aumento das taxas de juros e assim conseguiu atingir a menores taxas de desemprego histórico para os negros, latinos e mulheres. Mas Obama diz que foi ele que fez tudo isso e pede para que as pessoas o agradeçam.

O vídeo acima fez uma compilação dos momentos em que Obama implorou que o agradecessem pelos ótimos números da economia de....Trump.

Outro dia vi que depois de dizer que se deve fazer tudo para prevenir o tal "aquecimento global", Obama engatou a quinta e disse que deve-se elogiar a ele pelo aumento da produção petróleo nos Estados Unidos.

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Dois Artigos: Igreja Católica nos Estados Unidos e Relação entre Igreja e Estado

Hoje li dois artigos bem interessantes.

O primeiro (do professor James Patterson) discute a formação católica feita nos Estados Unidos (seus teóricos: Carroll, Neuhaus, Novak, Sheen e Murray) frente à Declaração de Independência e frente ao liberalismo norte-americano. E ainda traz um debate sobre o atual momento de crise da Igreja nos Estados Unidos, com tantos escândalos de pedofilia por clérigos.

O segundo (de Edmundo Waldstein) traz três posições teóricas sobre a relação entre Igreja Católica e Estado dentro da diarquia do Papa Gelasius I: Integralismo (no qual o Estado deve se subordinar à Igreja), Augustinianismo (Igreja despreza o Estado, pois este é  "cidade dos homens") e Tomismo (que abre espaço para o Estado, e a Igreja seria soberana apenas sobre a consciência dos Indivíduos e por meio deles influenciaria o Estado).

Onde me posiciono? Humm...tenho muito dos três, não sei dizer, talvez dependa da circunstância. Os três têm nuances, não creio que Santo Agostinho nem São Tomás sejam aderentes radicais de nenhuma posição.

Recomendo a leitura dos dois artigos como fonte de debate e estudos comparativos.

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Perversão: Mãe Diz que Filho é Transgênero. Pai Discorda e Pode Perder Chance de Ver o Filho.

Ai, meu Deus, que nivel de estupidez e crueldade o mundo chegou. Acho que chega a ser bem pior do que escreve o já aterrorizante livro de Theodore Dalrymple (que recomendo vivamente) Nossa Cultura e o que Restou Dela. Décadas e décadas de filosofia que despreza a naturza humana. E tem gente, como Olavo de Carvalho, que acha que precisa fazer uma análise quantitativa para provar que a educação está uma merda e destrutiva.

Uma mãe veste seu filho de seis anos de menina e o chama de Luna quando o filho está com ela. O pai diz que o filho detesta se vestir como mulher quando está com ele e se identifica como masculino. A mãe pediu na justiça que o pai não veja mais o filho e ainda pede que o pai pague por programa de mudança hormonal no filho para que o filho se torne "mulher".

O pai já está proibido de falar com o próprio filho sobre o assunto e é obrigado a oferecer duas opções de roupas para o filho.A mãe tinha escolhido um terapeuta que diagnosticou que o menino teria disforia de gênero.

O pai já coletou diversas testemunhas que disseram que o menino só se identifica como homem.

Meu Deus.

Vejam parte do texto do Daily Wire abaixo.

Mom Says 6-Year-Old Son Is Transgender. Dad Disagrees. Now He Might Lose His Son.

A Texas father is fighting for his son in court after pushing back on his ex-wife's claim that their six-year-old is a transgender girl.
According to court documents, the young boy only dresses as a girl when he's with his mother, who has enrolled him in first-grade as a female named "Luna." The father, however, contends that his son consistently chooses to wear boy's clothes, "violently refuses to wear girl’s clothes at my home," and identifies as a boy when he is with him.
The Federalist reports that the mother has accused the father of child abuse in their divorce proceedings "for not affirming James as transgender" and is looking to strip the dad of his parental rights. "She is also seeking to require him to pay for the child’s visits to a transgender-affirming therapist and transgender medical alterations, which may include hormonal sterilization starting at age eight," the report adds.
The father has been legally barred from speaking to his child about sexuality and gender from a scientific or religious perspective and from dressing his son in boys' clothes; instead, he has to offer both girls' and boys' outfits. The boy consistently refuses to wear dresses, according to the father.