domingo, 14 de fevereiro de 2016

Vídeos: Judeus que Acreditam e Defendem Jesus contra Rabinos. Projetos de Judeus messiânicos.

Enquanto a Igreja Católica prega ecumenismo, tem gente que acha que o caminho é a Verdade.

Eitan Bar e Moto Vaknin (foto acima) são dois especialistas em Bíblia que acreditam em Jesus (Yeshua, Jesus em Hebreu). Eles têm dois projetos,  I Meet Messiah e o One for Israel.

Em One for Israel, eles fazem diversos vídeo para defender Cristo frente aos rabinos. Vejam dois um exemplos de vídeos e a explicação do trabalho deles abaixo.

Muito bom, acessem o site e vejam mais vídeos.

Shalom! Here are Eitan Bar and Moti Vaknin! We are best friends, we are Jews, we are Israelis, and most importantly - we believe that Yeshua (Hebrew for Jesus) is the Jewish Messiah the Hebrew Scriptures ("Old Testament") prophecy about. He is our all in all!
As Messianic Jews, the situation here in Israel became unbearable with Orthodox Jews and Rabbis taking advantage of our patience, by trampeling over us and over our belief in public. We feel it is time for us to stand against Rabbis who are persecuting us in the name of God, comparing us to Hitler, and attacking us publicly - all because we are not willing to surrender to their authority as Rabbis, nor deny our belief in Yeshua the Messiah! We no longer will continue to stay quite as they spread lies about us, our faith, and most importantly - about Yeshua!

Therefor, we have decided to expose the best kept secret in Judaism for 2,000 years - Yeshua! We will be direct and determined, but we do not hate. Just like the prophets - we do it out of love to our own people and nation, and beause we want them to know the truth about the Son of God who gave his life for them!

Just as no devout Catholic would challenge the Pope's ruling; we, Jews, don't really dare to challeng the Orthodox Jewish rabbis' rulings (for 2,000 years...). The topic, of course, being Yeshua. Yeshua here in Israel is considered (by Judaism) to be a form of idolatry and paganism, not realizing He is actually the One that Israel has being waiting for - the Jewish Messiah! But today, the game is about to change! (Understanding this might cost us with our lives..)

In 52 short videos in Hebrew we answered approximately 100 objections and disstortions of Orthodox Rabbis against Yeshua and the New Testament. In these videos and articles (at the moment: we only translated some of the videos to English. No article was nor will be translated) we expose how the Rabbis have been keeping Yeshua a secret from Israel for 2,000 years. We even quote ancient Jewish sources showing that the Old Testament prophecies that speaks of the Messiah were interpreted in the past just as we, Messianic Jews, interpret them today - as being about the Messiah! For the first time in history, someone is not only stepping out publicly against the Jewish Orthodox Rabbis here in Israel, but we are also forcing Israel to deal with "the elephant in the synagogue" - with Yeshua!

Important for us to emphasize to all gentiles visiting this website, while we higly encourge you to share this website and it's content with everyone. We need to make one thing clear - we are Jews ourselves who love our country (Israel) and our people! This is an internal debate inside Judaism here in Israel concerning the Messiahship of Yeshua (Jesus). It is not and should never be used to promote anti-semitism and hatered against Jews! Some of the things you will be exposed to on our website might make you bitter towards Judaism, but that is NOT our point! let us all rmemeber that "love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God. Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love" (1st John ch. 3).

It’s also important for us to emphasize that we didn’t stop being Jews, we were born Jews and die Jews, but our Jewish identity is not based on human\rabbinic traditions – but on following the Godly Jewish Messiah!

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Anônimo disse...

Que coisa mais louca O.o
Um movimento cristão dentro do judaísmo!!!
E que parece não estar ligado a nenhuma igreja.
Acho que agora já vi de tudo.

Só espero que todo cristão encontre o caminho para Roma Eterna.

Pedro Erik disse...

Amém, que todo cristão encontre caminho de Roma.
E que a Igreja de Roma ajude nesse sentido.