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Trump é Idolatrado na Polônia

Bom, se tem um povo que sabe o que russos e alemães são capazes de fazer são os poloneses.

Vejam abaixo parte do texto do Daily Mail.

Trump warns the future of the West is in doubt but promises to end Islamic terrorism as 5,000 Poles chant his name during major Warsaw speech
  • President Donald Trump met with Polish President Andrzej Duda on Thursday at the Royal Castle in Warsaw
  • Trump later questioned if the West has the 'will to survive' in a landmark speech at Krasinski Square
  • He said North Korea would face 'consequences' and admitted Russia 'could have' interfered with the election
  • Trump's visit to Warsaw comes before a journey to Germany for the G20 summit on Friday and Saturday

President Donald Trump spoke to thousands of cheering Poles in Warsaw on Thursday, calling their nation 'the geographic heart of Europe' and praising their countrymen for shaking off both Nazi oppressors and Russian occupiers in the last century.
'That's trouble. That's tough,' he exclaimed.
'In those dark days, you have lost your land but you never lost your pride.'
Trump delivered his address in Krasinski Square, at the foot of a statue commemorating the 1994 Polish uprising against German occupiers. He and first lady Melania Trump laid a wreath at its base.
Speaking behind bulletproof glass, he said Poles are 'a people who truly know the value of what you defend.' 
He urged them to uphold 'a future in which good conquers evil.'
They chanted 'USA, USA' and 'Donald Trump! Donald Trump!'
Trump had earlier met the Polish president and warned that the future of the West is in doubt.
In his speech he praised Poland's 'will to survive' because they 'have never, ever forgotten who they are.'
'The Polish experience reminds us - the defense of the West ultimately rests not only on means but also on the will of its people to prevail,' Trump said.
'Your oppressors tried to break you, but Poland could not be broken,' he said.
And Trump projected his fight against Middle Eastern terrorism onto the template of Poland's historic struggles, saying that 'We are fighting hard against radical Islamic terrorism, and we will prevail.'
'America and Europe have suffered one terror attack after another. We are going to get it to stop,' he said.
The president urged European nations to commit more of its money to NATO, as he said the organization's 'Article 5' commitment to mutual defense is an ironclad guarantee.
'Words are easy but actions matter,' he said.
At a press conference following his private talks with Andrzej Duda, Trump said North Korea would face 'consequences' for its intercontinental ballistic missile test. 
He also admitted that Russia 'could have' interfered with the 2016 election and vowed to work with Poland on addressing threats from the country.
Trump's whirlwind visit to Warsaw comes just days before he meets Russian President Vladimir Putin. He will next travel to Germany for Friday and Saturday's G20 summit.
Trump's appearance alongside the Polish president will go down badly in Russia 
Trump's visit was coordinated with the Three Seas Initiative which is a new 12-nation trade and economic bloc organized in part to limit Russia's power, especially in ways that diminish its dominance in the region's energy markets. 
At a joint press conference between Trump and Duda, the US president called on the global community to ensure there are 'consequences' for Pyongyang's belligerence and warned that he is considering a 'severe' response.
'I call on all nations to confront this global threat and publicly demonstrate to North Korea that there are consequences for their very, very bad behavior,' Trump said.
'I have pretty severe things that we're thinking about,' he said, but added: 'That doesn't mean that we'll do them.'
Trump later said that he was working with Poland on addressing threats from Russia and reiterated his calls for NATO members to meet their financial obligations. 
In a direct appeal to Russia, Trump said in his speech that Vladimir Putin's country should 'cease its destabilizing activities in Ukraine and elsewhere.'
Duda for his part said he believed Trump took Poland's security seriously.
'We see ourselves as loyal partners who cooperate on a number of issues, among others on security,' Duda told said at the news conference. 
Trump said then that the country 'could have' interfered with the 2016 US presidential election which saw him take victory over Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

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Anônimo disse...

A Polônia é um país muito interessante. Talvez um dos últimos a zelar por sua história cristã. Seria uma consequência do papado de JPII? Talvez... Pena que o idioma deles é tão difícil!
E pelo visto os poloneses não são de ficar acreditando na mídia, por isso o sucesso do Trump.
Vamos falar a verdade: até agora nada que desabone o Trump - cortou financiamento de aborto, restaurou a liberdade religiosa, mostrou que não está para brincadeira na Síria e parece que quer chegar a um acordo com a Rússia. Deu de ombros para a falácia do aquecimento global - para o pânico dos globalistas!
Teve apenas o caso da tal obstrução de justiça, mas me parece tão ridículo para uma cobertura tão ampla pela "mídia golpista"!


Pedro Erik disse...

Vamos torcendo para que ele continue defendendo a vida, a família, o Ocidente cristão, e o cristianismo no mundo.

Abraço, caro Gustavo.

Isac disse...

A polonia, inimiga tradicional dos russos é aliada estratégica de um EUA Republicano, não tanto dos esquerdóides "Democratas" e uma aliada forte de Trump-Ocidente!
Vá fundo nessa, Trump, parecendo ser o v ser o muito pouco restante do Ocidente cambaleante, quase imprestável, pois o resto, como os Obama-Lula-Maduro-Castro etc., aterro sanitario é o ideal!
Se não for melhor nos garras do diabo, os acima seus teleguiados!...