terça-feira, 25 de agosto de 2015

Pelo Menos 800 Terroristas Islâmicos Podem Agir Sozinhos na Europa

Recentemente, três americanos (sendo dois militares), um britânico e um francês conseguiram dominar um terrorista islâmico marroquino que atacou um trem que ia de Amsterdã para Paris, armado com uma AK-47. Eles receberam condecoração do presidente francês pelo ato de bravura (foto acima).

Hoje, leio uma reportagem no jornal Daily Mail que aponta que pelo menos 800 terroristas islâmicos estão na Europa, depois de voltar da Síria e do Iraque, e podem atacar a qualquer momento. O cara que atacou no trem, viveu na Espanha, já era conhecido por palavras em favor do terrorismo e frequentava uma "mesquita radical".

Com tudo isso, só se evitou o desastre por causa da divina providência conceder que os militares estivessem no mesmo vagão do trem.

Vejamos parte do texto da reportagem:

At least 800 Islamist extremists are ready to launch attacks in Europe after returning from Iraq and Syria, intelligence services warn


Around 800 jihadists have returned to Europe to launch attacks after being trained by extremists in Iraq and Syria, intelligence services have warned.

Counter-terrorism officers said the fanatics had been recruited by the Islamic State or Al Qaeda-linked groups and were waiting for the order to strike on the Continent.

Around half of the 700 Britons who have travelled to fight in the Middle East have also returned, with some believed to be planning attacks in the UK. 

The warning comes after the Moroccan gunman who stormed a high-speed train from Amsterdam to Paris was said to be an 'Islamist returner' who had spent time in Syria.
Ayoub El Khazzani, 25, is believed to have been given instructions by a terrorist network to commit an atrocity, but was overpowered by six passengers, including three Americans and a British grandfather.

Some were being tracked, but others had dropped off the radar. 

The source said: 'These people are not well trained, but they are poised and prepared to do anything. Once they have been indoctrinated, they receive the minimum training.'

A Spanish counter-terrorism source said Khazzani had lived in Spain for seven years until 2014. 

He came to the attention of Spanish authorities for making hardline speeches defending jihad and attending a radical mosque in Algeciras.

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