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Um Homem Tem o Direito de Querer Ter Mais Filhos?

Eu sei, as mulheres vão dizer, que são elas que aguentam os nove meses de gravidez, que são elas que aguentam as dores do parto e em geral são elas que acordam durante as madrugadas para cuidar dos bebês. Eu admito e aceito que são elas que têm a "upper hand", o poder decisório final. Sobra aos homens procurarem mulheres que gostem de crianças (não é tão fácil) e que queiram muitos filhos (mais difícil ainda).

Mas o ponto aqui do post não apenas do direito dos homens e mulheres de terem mais filhos, mas que os homens e mulheres cristãos têm o dever, a obrigação de ter mais filhos.

É tópico de um ótimo artigo do Dr. Taylor Marshall publicado no site MacCabee Society.

Cada vez nasce menos gente no mundo, a taxa de nascimento em países ocidentais não consegue repor a população. São as religiões (cristã, muçulmana ou mórmon) que incentivam que os casais tenham mais filhos, ateus gerados por ateus tendem a desaparecer.

Assim, os homens e mulheres cristãos têm a obrigação de ter mais filhos. Tem mais filhos e educá-los no cristianismo é a grande batalha para levarmos mais Cristo ao mundo.

Marshall não fala sobre isso, mas a luta por mais filhos envolve luta por melhores salários, melhores condições de vida, melhores escolas...

Vejamos parte do texto do Dr. Marshall:

Do Men Have a Duty to Have More than 2.1 Children?

By  Taylor Marshall

Men, the war for Western Society (WestSoc) is far from over. The winner of the culture war will be Christians…because Christians beget Christians. Atheists have the lowest birth rates. We are now observing that Muslim birth rates are crashing to equal or below Christian birth rates:
  • the birth rate in Iran has plummeted from 6.92 to 1.92 births per woman (1960 to 2012)
  • the birth rate is Syria has plummeted from 7.47 to 3.0 births per woman (1960 to 2012)
While Catholicism (and historic Protestantism) prohibits artificial conception as gravely evil, Islam allows for contraception. Muhammad permitted the use of coitus interruptus. There is nothing prohibiting Muslims from embracing the birth control pill, which will inevitably lead to a birth rate of 1.4-1.8 births per Muslim woman within a generation.
In 30 years, the only people on earth having 4+ children families are devout Christians and devout Muslims (and Mormons).
Fathers, the single best thing that you as a man can do for society is to sire virtuous and godly sons and daughters. Nurture them physically, intellectually, and spiritually. While secularists abort and contracept themselves out of existence, we shall fill the earth.
Take a look at this graph of birth rates in the West:fertility-rate-chart-667x316You’ll notice that since the introduction of the birth control pill, fertility levels have plunged under 2.1 children per woman. Does this indicate a just stewardship of life within human families?

If we are to do what is lawful and to give this world its due, are we called upon to have larger families?

Under all three definitions of justice above, a married man is obliged by justice to sire a plurality of children. Here is why:
  1. If all men have 2 or less children, simple mathematics reveal that the human race will cease to exist. We are now seeing the develop of “wedge families”: 4 grandparents > 2 parents > 1 baby.
  2. It is in accord with natural law that we strive to preserve our own personal lives and that we strive to preserve the human race as a whole. Birth rates under 2.1 are culturally suicidal.
  3. Every historical and contemporary example of shrinking populations reveal grave cultural and economic hardship.
  4. Large families are a form of political victory. As the world moves toward democracy, birth rates are the single most powerful demographic indicator on the charts. It’s well known that liberals, secularists, and especially atheists are the most sterile demographics on the planet. They are below 1.0 children per woman. Want to see conservative leaders? Grow them at home.
  5. The future leaders of human society will come from the traditional family enclaves on planet earth where the home boasted of a mother and a father, along with traditional moral values, religious upbringing, and plurality of siblings.
  6. Christian men in particular, faced with secularism and Islamic encroachment, should look to their growing families as the “Noah’s arks” of Christian Civilization. It’s not just “having babies” – it is nurturing sons and daughters who will become charitable and mighty upon the earth.
Most men fear a large family because of the financial burden. “How can pay for all that food? How can I pay for all that college?”
Our answer is that you will have to work harder, earn more, and make financial sacrifices. If men in previous generations were willing to die in the beaches of Normandy or prowl through the jungles of Asia for the common good, we can embrace the “hardship” of forgoing golf, eating out, and car payments on a new truck.
If Christian men tolerate a 1.8 birthrate for the sake luxury, we will have squandered our legacy.
The next war will be won in the bedroom and at the dinner table. Your vocation is to create and nurture a strong family of virtue with beautiful and everlasting souls. Demographics don’t lie.

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Adilson disse...

Boa tarde, Pedro.

Achei esse vídeo incrível em que uma dinamarquesa, Iben Thranholm, fala da questão da masculinidade de que porque a violência muçulmana contra as mulheres deve-se justamente a diminuição do homem europeu.


Pedro Erik disse...

Mande video, meu amigo, parece muito bom.
Mundo cristão está certamente mais efeminado.

Adilson disse...

Ah, meu Deus!

rsrss. Esqueci. Obrigado por lembrar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ea0JFyzg8Pk

Pedro Erik disse...

Sensacional, concordo 100% com ela. Nada a acrescentar.
O feminismo dominou até o homem. O homem virou mulher, assumiu ser mãe. Falta pais.
Sensacional. Obrigado.
Pedro Erik

flavio disse...

Se não fosse casado iria prá Dinamarca. Pois faltam homens lá. Digo homens.

Mas o feminismo não faria um mundo melhor?