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População Muçulmana na Alemanha Quadruplicará até 2020.

No passado recente, a combinação do Islã com a Alemanha resultou em péssimos resultados humanitários. A foto acima mostra encontro entre Hitler e o Grã Mufti (líder religioso islâmico) de Jerusalém Haj Amin al-Hussein em 1941, durante a guerra. Albert Speer, que foi confidente de Hitler,  disse que certa vez Hitler disse: "O Islã é muito mais compatível com a gente do que o Cristianismo. Porque temos de ser cristãos, e adotar sua mansidão e suavidade?"

O Grã-Mufti de Jerusalém colaborou com soldados para o exército nazista. Abaixo, ele faz saudação nazista a soldados muçulmanos da SS.

Recentemente, Benjamin Netanyahu lembrou a associação nazismo-islamismo, tentando dizer que a eliminçao de judeus na Europa pela Alemanha foi feita a pedido do Grã Mufti. A história não dar suporte completo a Netanyahu, Hitler já tinha intenção de fazer isso. Os relatos históricos mostrados pelo jornal The Haaretz apontam que durante o encontro entre Hitler e o Grã Mufti, em 1941, o Grã Mufti elogiou Hitler por ele estar eliminando os judeus na Alemanha. Com os elogios, Hitler teria dito que iria tentar fazer isso em toda a Europa, para evitar que eles fossem para Palestina, coisa que o Grã Mufti tentava evitar.Netanyahu em seguida disse que não estava isentando os alemães de seus crimes contra os judeus.

Vi ontem uma associação bem mais recente entre Hitler e o Islã, eu vi uma foto no site Weasel Zippers de um loja na Palestina chamada Hitler, que vende roupas e facas para matar judeus. Vejam abaixo:

Agora com as portas abertas para a migração islâmica, a previsão dos próprios alemães é que a população islâmica no país irá quadruplicar em apenas 5 anos.

O impacto sobre o que se pensa sobre o que é a Alemanha será devastador, em todos os aspectos. A cultura/religião determinam um país. É a cultura/religião que elege líderes políticos.

Vejamos parte do relato dessas previsões  e de como os alemães estão receosos da imigração islâmica feitas pelo site Gatestone Institute

Germany: "20 Million Muslims by 2020"

Germany's Muslim population is set to nearly quadruple to an astonishing 20 million within the next five years, according to a demographic forecast by Bavarian lawmakers.
The German government expects to receive 1.5 million asylum seekers in 2015, and possibly even more in 2016. After factoring in family reunifications -- based on the assumption that individuals whose asylum applications are approved will subsequently bring an average of four additional family members to Germany -- that number will swell exponentially. This is in addition to the 5.8 million Muslims already living in Germany.
According to the president of the Bavarian Association of Municipalities (Bayerische Gemeindetag), Uwe Brandl, Germany is now on track to have "20 million Muslims by 2020." The surge in Germany's Muslim population represents a demographic shift of epic proportions, one that will change the face of Germany forever, "but we are just standing by, watching it happen."
Addressing an expo in Nuremburg on October 14, Brandl warned that untrammeled migration will entail heavy costs for German taxpayers and may also lead to social unrest. He said:
"A four-member refugee family receives up to 1,200 euros per month in transfer payments. Plus accommodation and meals. Now go to an unemployed German family man who has worked maybe 30 years, and now with his family receives only marginally more. These people are asking us whether we politicians really see this as fair and just."
Brandl said this also applies to the electronic health card, which provides asylum seekers with the same benefits as Germans who have paid into the health insurance system for many years. To criticize this as unfair has "nothing to do with racism or right-wing extremism."
Brandl's concerns are echoed in a leaked intelligence document, which warns that the influx of more than one million migrants from the Muslim world this year will lead to increasing political instability in Germany.
The document -- portions of which were published by Die Welt on October 25 -- reveals growing alarm within the highest echelons of Germany's intelligence and security apparatus about the consequences of Chancellor Angela Merkel's open-door immigration policy.
The so-called non-paper (the author of the document remains anonymous) warns that the "integration of hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants will be impossible given the large numbers involved and the already-existing Muslim parallel societies in Germany." The document adds:
"We are importing Islamic extremism, Arab anti-Semitism, national and ethnic conflicts of other peoples, as well as a different understanding of society and law. German security agencies are unable to deal with these imported security problems, and the resulting reactions from the German population."
An unidentified high-ranking security official told Die Welt:
"The high influx of people from other parts of the world will lead to the instability of our country. By allowing this mass migration, we are producing extremists. Mainstream society is radicalizing because the majority does not want migration, which is being forced by the political elites. In the future, many Germans will turn away from the constitutional state."
The warnings come amid mounting criticism of Merkel, whose September 4 decision to open the door to migrants in Hungary exacerbated the crisis.
The Minister-President of Bavaria, Horst Seehofer, who also heads the Christian Social Union (CSU), the sister party to Merkel's Christian Democratic Union (CDU), has emerged as one of Merkel's most vocal critics. "I am convinced that the chancellor has chosen another vision for Germany," he said. "This has been a mistake that will occupy us for a long time. I see no way of putting the genie back into the bottle," he added.
In an interview with Bild, Seehofer said:
"We explicitly believe that immigration must be controlled and limited if Germany wants to cope with it. The seriousness of the situation is becoming clearer every day. The population does not want clever sayings or inconclusive site visits. It wants action!"
After months of attacking critics of Merkel's immigration policies as right-wing xenophobes, Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel and Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier conceded that the migration crisis risks tearing German society apart. In a joint essay published by Der Spiegel, the two wrote: "We cannot indefinitely absorb and integrate more than one million refugees each year."
Bavarian Finance Minister Markus Söder said: "We need to be clear that there must be limits and quotas for immigration — we cannot save the whole world. The refugee influx will not be stopped unless we secure our borders and send a clear signal that not everyone can come to Germany."
Former Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich (CSU) described Merkel's immigration policy as an "unprecedented political blunder" that will have "devastating long-term consequences." He said the job of politics is to think beyond the present and make decisions for the future. In view of the massive flows of migrants into Germany without any police checks, Friedrich concluded: "We have lost control." He added:
"It is totally irresponsible that tens of thousands of people are flowing into the country uncontrolled and unregistered, and we can only unreliably estimate exactly how many of them are Islamic State fighters or Islamist sleepers. I am convinced that no other country in the world would be so naive and starry-eyed to expose itself to such a risk."
CDU lawmaker Michael Stübgen said: "The disagreement [with Merkel] is fundamental. Our capacities are exhausted and there is concern that the system will implode if we do not regain control of our borders. But the chancellor disagrees and so the conflict is unsolved."
On October 21, more than 200 mayors in North-Rhine Westphalia signed an open letter to Merkel, in which they warned they were no longer capable of taking in any more migrants. The letter states:
"We are seriously concerned for our country and the cities and towns we represent. The reason: the massive and mostly uncontrolled flow of migrants to Germany and our cities and towns.
"All available housing possibilities are exhausted, including tents and shipping containers. Managing the migrant shelters is so time intensive that our personnel can no longer attend to other municipal responsibilities."


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Luteranismo, bisavô do relativismo europeu, será em algumas poucas décadas, uma antiga seita alemã extinta, como tantas na história da cristandade.
Um país onde se odeiam crianças e se ama sodomia, preferindo importar marmanjos feitos, para o mercado de trabalho, do que dar incentivos para as mulheres terem mais filhos, vai dar no que? Oras, na Alemanha!
E só não é pior por que as indústrias levaram a maioria das plantas industriais para a China, senão teriam ainda mais que importar mão de obra, pois os germânicos étnicos diminuem cerca de 1% ao ano!