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LGBT Czar da ONU: "Doutrinação Gay Deve Ser Feita para Crianças bem Pequenas nas Escolas".

O novo chefe da ONU para questões LGBT, o tailandês Vitit Muntarbhorn, foi na Argentina e ressaltou que é melhor que a "diversidade sexual" seja ensinada para crianças cada vez menores. Nas palavras dele, "quanto mais jovem melhor". Assim, a ONU vai usar os recursos dos cidadãos do mundo para implantar o ensino da "diversidade sexual" nas escolas do planeta.

"Diversidade Sexual" na ONU quer dizer homossexualidade, bissexualidade, fornicação, confusão de gênero, pedofilia, bestialidade, tudo, menos homem e mulher.

Cristo ressaltou a condenação daqueles que perturbam as crianças. Vejam em Mateus 18:4-6:

"Aquele que se fizer humilde como esta criança será maior no Reino dos céus. E o que recebe em meu nome a um menino como este, é a mim que recebe. Mas, se alguém fizer cair em pecado um destes pequenos que crêem em mim, melhor fora que lhe atassem ao pescoço a mó de um moinho e o lançassem no fundo do mar." 

Vejam o relato das palavras terríveis do chefe LGBT da ONU, do site New American:

UN LGBT Czar on Indoctrinating Children: "The Younger the Better"

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Pro-family groups hoping the United Nations would quit pushing homosexuality and gender confusion on children under new UN Secretary-General António Guterres are going to be very disappointed. Not only has the globalist institution not reined in its activism on behalf of the “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender” (LGBT) agenda, the UN's new LGBT czar is using taxpayer resources to push the indoctrination into schools worldwide — and especially on young children. Simultaneously, the UN is helping to wage a global war on religious liberty, much of it under the guise of protecting LGBT activists from “stigma” and “discrimination.” Critics, though, are fighting back.  
Most recently, the newly appointed UN LGBT czar, homosexual activist Vitit Muntarbhorn (shown) of Thailand, an international "human rights expert" and professor of law at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, visited Argentina to praise its government's new laws purporting to create homosexual “marriage” and allowing individuals to officially “choose” their legal gender without having "gender reassignment surgery" first. “There is a national policy on sexual diversity and various State agencies have special units and/or personnel to deal with the issue, and this is very welcome,” said Muntarbhorn, whose formal title is UN “Independent Expert on protection against violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity,” in an official press release from the dictator-dominated UN “Human Rights Council.”  
But more must be done to change the culture and the education, Muntarbhorn said, because homosexuality is still frowned upon by the public. Especially important is targeting the youth for pro-LGBT indoctrination, he explained. Speaking about priorities for the government, he said authorities must “advance in education, activities in secondary schools, initiatives that integrate sexual diversity inside the school system.The term “sexual diversity” in UN-speak refers not to differences between men and women, but to homosexuality, bisexuality, fornication, gender confusion, and other perversions of the natural sexual order that has reigned throughout almost all of the world throughout almost all of human history. Even bestiality and pedophilia are slowly being "legitimized" and brought under the “sexual diversity” banner.
But the younger that children can be targeted, the better, added the UN LGBT czar. “The laws are very open but in the mentality of people, I've seen large variations with respect to empathy toward the LGBTI population,” he said in an interview with Argentinian media, with the “I” in LGBTI referring to “Intersex” people. “That is why it is so important to start working with the young people, the younger the better, with the politics that amplify empathy for vulnerable populations such as LGBTI people can be.” (Emphasis added.) For perspective, the American College of Pediatrics has argued that “conditioning children into believing a lifetime of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex is normal and healthful is child abuse.”  

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