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Padre Franciscano: Islã é Pior que Nazismo. É Demoníaco.

Acima o monge Daniel Maljur explica por que Islã é pior que nazismo. O vídeo dele fez sucesso e o site da Pamella Geller traduziu o que ele disse e ainda explicou por que a Croácia historicamente odeia o Islã. Vejam o site para uma breve história das terríveis invasões turco-muçulmanas na Croácia.

Abaixo, vai o relato da explicação do Padre Daniel, da paráquia de São Nicolas.

No texto, monge Daniel argumenta que o Islã é uma religião da violência, terror para o mundo, que Alá se opõe ao Deus judeo-cristão, que o Islã se opõe ao senso comum, e que o Corão foi criado muito tempo depois da morte de Maomé. E que o Corão é inspirado pelo demônio. A violação dos direitos humanos está no coração da doutrina islâmica.

Padre Daniel diz que esteve em Tovernik, para ver os refugiados muçulmanos e que praticamente não havia nenhum velho, mulher ou criança, eram todos jovens, e que esses jovens mostram "as caras dos reis do futuro na Europa".

Rezemos pelo monge Daniel Maljur, que ele seja forte.


The Vicar of St Nicholas Parish in Croatian city of Kostajnica, Franciscan monk Danijel Maljur, caused great sensation because in a short Youtube film named “Islam”  he explained why this religion of Islam is the greatest evil that mankind has ever suffered!
Maljur talks about Nazism, the Holocaust, Hitler, the atomic bomb in Japan, abortion. But, according to his interpretation, all this is nothing compared to Islam.
“Islam, who is entering our doorsteps through the back door, is without any doubt surpassing all the tragedies of mankind,” says Fr. Maljur, explaining further that the holy book of Islam, the Qur’an, as not an authentic work, and certainly not God’s revelation or the Word of God.
He also published his explanation on his public profile on Facebook [h[https://www.facebook.com/danijel.maljur]�He put in a link leading to the article which he calls ‘Islam in Statistics’ in which the author claims that Islam is a violent religion that destroys the world. This publication, Brother Maljur, accompanied with the text: “One of our bishops said yesterday that we all believe in the same God. Nope, not gonna happen … ‘.
On the same profile on September 18th, he stated that he was in Tovarnik in 2015 among the Muslim refugees. He claims that there are almost no old men, women and children among them, but there are so many prevailing young men in their prime of life averaging about 35 years of age.
“If you expect to see freedom-loving rebels [f[from Syria]you will have to pluck some journalistic footage because there is no such thing in reality. These are the faces of the kings or future rulers over us who have stormed into the European lands of their future slaves where they can lie in wait after having to suffer some temporary settlement hassles. Perhaps among them, there are also real refugees seeking only security in the first free country they can find, but I have not seen such a thing,” he continues.
The video that Danijel Maljur put on youtube is now marked as private and can not be opened, but on the Facebook page of the Defense of Faith  and the web portal www.obranavjere.com you can read about the religious convictions of this young Franciscan friar.
Islam without any doubt surpasses all the above-mentioned tragedies of humanity,” says Brother Daniel after he listed all the major tragedies that history had experienced in mankind – from Genghis Khan’s conquests to Nazism. Furthermore, Fr. Daniel believes that Judaism and Christianity derive from the common roots of Abraham, while “the only thing that pulls Islam is dried weeds,” adding that Judaism and Christianity have nothing in common with either Allah or the Quran. According to him, Islam defies the true God, spites all the people, and opposes common sense. For Fr. Daniel, the Quran is an unbelievable book because it was created a long time after Muhammad’s death.
“Not only is the Quran the word of God not revealed, but its devilish inspiration is clear,” Brother Daniel denotes his arguments on the Qur’an. For him, Muhammad is the embodiment of everything bad. “It is alarming that Muhammad is still a model for all Muslims today,”
Furthermore, he believes that Islam is not a peaceful religion. “All those Muslims who are called radical are nothing but normal Muslims, such as they are according to Islamic standards and should be”. “According to some estimates, in the Islamic conquests since its founding 270 million people have been killed,” he expounds.
“There can be no dialogue with Islam,” Daniel says, adding that this is because the nature of Islam is against dialogue.
“We must know that human rights violations are at the core of this ideology,” says the Franciscan.
Thus, in an article entitled “Islam in Statistics,” he says “there are some statistics that show Islam as a violent religion that destroys the whole world.”
On the pages of the Croatian Franciscan Parish of Saints Cyril and Methodius, Fr. Danijel Maljur is described as a Franciscan with an unusual sense of humor, determined in the defense of the faith and ready for the challenges of modern society. Through his YouTube channel, he has been speaking to the general public for some time, and the reason, as he said in an interview on the above-mentioned page, is the fact that the Church has never been attacked in the past as it is being attacked today.
The Turkish Empire At The Height of Its Power and Spread
The Turkish Empire At The Height of Its Power and Spread
A painting depicting the Turkish raid on a Croatian country parson's home
A painting depicting the Turkish raid on a Croatian country parson’s home

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Ricardo Lima disse...

A verdade nua e crua: "O corão é inspirado pelo demônio".

Espero que agora, mais e mais líderes de países europeus (e de outros continentes também) acordem para esta realidade.

Bom domingo, meu caro Pedro.

Atte, Ricardo.

Pedro Erik disse...

Obrigado, irmão. Para você também.
Pedro Erik

Isac disse...

Igual ou similar, ambos são fortemente opressores, material-ateístas e portanto satanistas, cada qual de seu lado, ultra deleterios à alma e corpo!
Em meio a infernal trinca, fica-se sem sabe qual seja a menos ruim, ambas cupinchas do diabo, hordas satãnicas encarnadas à espera de falecerem para se ajuntarem a quem representaram nesse mundo dos viventes, a cizania em meio ao trigo!