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"Europa Torce por Boris Johnson, Pois é Capitalista-Corporatista"

Hoje tem eleições no Reino Unido, como eu trabalhei com o assunto, já morei no país, e mesmo comecei esse blog motivado por uma eleição de lá, eu me interesso pelo tema.

Desde que morei lá, eu gosto dos artigos de Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, no jornal The Telegraph.

Hoje, ele nos traz um artigo sobre as eleições, em que nos diz que a União Europeia, apesar de toda a sua vertente esquerdista globalista, pró-abiorto, pró-gay, anti-militarismo, etc, está torcendo pelo conservador Boris Johnson.

A primeira coisa a se saber é que o Partido Conservador inglês, não é conservador, é também pró-aborto, pró-gay. A diferença em relação ao esquerdismo é que é mais nacionalista.

Evans-Pritchard nos diz que a União Europeia está torcendo e até rezando por Boris Johnson. A União Europeia, para ele, não é esquerdista, é "capitalista-corporatista" e assim, detestaria esquerdistas radicais, que pregam a destruição da OTAN e elogiam Mao Tse Tung, como o adversário de Johnson, Jeremy Corbin.

Corbin realmente é uma aberração em pessoa, um anti-semita, anti-capitalista, anti-OTAN, que elogia Mao, Che Guevara, qualquer esquerdista radical.

A União Europeia torceria por Boris porque está também perdendo muito dinheiro com a falta de definição do Brexit.

Mas eu diria que Evans-Pritchard tem razão se pensarmos que capitalistas podem sim ser esquerdistas, e até esquerdistas e globalistas radicais, a depender dos seus negócios. O que dificilmente eles serão é conservadores.

Em suma, faltou a ele reconhecer que Boris não é assim "de direita conservador". Não existe nem partido dessa vertente no Reino Unido, infelizmente.

Vejam abaixo parte do texto de Evans-Pritchard.

All is forgiven: Europe's leaders pray for Boris, horrified by thoughts of a Corbyn upset

One thing is certain as voting day finally arrives: Europe is rooting for Boris Johnson.  The more seats, the better. 

Nobody in high office will say it. A few Commission diehards might still hope to overturn Brexit  - or still imagine that such a reconquest would be digestible - but the overwhelming view in the great capitals is that further years of British civil war and cross-Channel brinkmanship risk a strategic debacle. 

They can only roll their eyes at the naïveté of Hugh Grant and the Beautiful People, as if tactical voting can surgically deliver the right hung Parliament: that is to say a revocation referendum, without that little extra problem of an anti-NATO Marxist, one who thinks that Mao’s Great Leap Forward was a success, finds no fault with Vladimir Putin, and excoriates Western self-defence. 

Never forget that the EU has become - structurally and legally - a corporatist-capitalist alliance that forbids its members to pursue genuinely left-wing policies. Syriza learned this the hard way in Greece.   

“If they wake up on Friday morning to a Corbyn government, the mood in Brussels will be close to panic,” said Andrew Duff, a veteran EU insider and president of the federalist Spinelli Group. “It would be a disaster. They don’t want a timebomb thrown into the European security system.”

“They are praying for a government with a big majority that can end this bloody nonsense, and that means Boris. They don’t have any respect for the Remainer coalition,” he said.

It is the same message from Sir Ivan Rogers, former chief Brexit negotiator and now author of serial broadsides against the British political establishment. “Remainers who think the clock can be put back are, I think, in denial about where mainstream Continental elite opinion is,” he said.

The wishful thinking of blue sky Brexiteers finds its symmetry in Westminster’s pro-European menagerie. “Most of the EU elites now see a Johnson outright victory as the quickest route to getting the Withdrawal Agreement through. If he wants to overstate what changes he achieved .. so be it. ‘Whatever he needs to say…’ they shrug,” says Sir Ivan.

The EU diplomatic fraternity think a fat majority should allow Boris to pull off another of his conjuring tricks. It lets him jettison Jacobite trouble-makers - in EU eyes - and those pushing for a sovereign Brexit. It clears the way for the great pivot back to Europe: a customs union by the back door, dressed up as a patriotic victory with inimitable Borisian chutzpah. 

Europe is in any case exhausted. It has paid a higher economic price than it expected by pushing Theresa May too far on the Irish backstop and precipitating her downfall. That misjudgment caused another year of cliff-edge showdowns, frozen investment, and a depressed sterling exchange rate that has undercut a weakened Germany already in industrial crisis. 

Britain has got its condign punishment, of course, but so has Deutschland Inc, vulnerable because of its reliance on Anglo-Saxon demand and a perennial trade surplus to stay afloat. German industrial output has dropped 5.3pc over the last year, and not just because of China. Over the last five quarters the UK has grown by an accumulated 1.5pc (mediocre, yes) but Germany has grown by just 0.5pc.  

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