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Coletes Amarelos Atingem 5 Países

O que querem e o que são esses coletes amarelos? Inicialmente, lutaram contra a estupidez ambientalista de Emmanuel Macron, na França, que queria combater o suposto aquecimento global tributando mais o diesel. Mas esses que gritam contra o impostos não sabiam que a estupidez ambientalista iria penalizar justamente aqueles que moram em países ricos?

Se levantaram agora por que demorou a ter um foco simples de ataque e assim conseguiu mais gente?

A pauta aumentou, agora alguns passaram a ver os coletes amarelos como anti-globalitas, há uns que lutam contra a imigração em massa na Suécia. Os manifestantes suecos dizem que a pauta deles é específica, mas a França e a Alemanha têm ainda mais problema e maior população de imigrantes muçulmanos.

Eles têm toda razão de lutar contra a imigração em massa, mas será que vão lutar contra o aborto e o casamento gay também ou é apenas uma pauta nacionalista?

Em todo caso, saúdo aqueles que se levantam contra pautas imbecis ambientais e de imigração em massa.

Vejam texto do Voice of Europe que mostra que a extensão dos calotes amarelos chegou a cinco países.

Anti-globalist yellow vests movement ‘conquers’ Europe and spreads to fifth country

The yellow vests movement has spread to its fifth country, Sweden. Starting in France on 17 November, protests of the anti-globalist movement have been seen in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. 
Now yellow vest demonstrations against the UN Migration Agreement have been announced in Sweden on Saturday and Sunday.
Last Sunday around 1,000 Swedes gathered outside Parliament in Stockholm to demonstrate against Sweden’s signing of the UN Migration Agreement. This weekend, even larger events with more speakers will be held in the same place.
Migration to Sweden is in focus because the whole of society is adversely affected when hundreds of thousands of migrants from the third world are brought into such a small country. However, in the future, other issues may also be addressed.
“The citizens have been informed that the led migration policy is a profit, which it is not”, says one of the speakers, independent journalist and writer Katerina Janouch.
“The issue of Sweden’s signing of the UN Migration Framework is too important to be hidden away. The signing is done behind the people’s backs.”
“There should be a referendum about this. We should not let a reality denying, high-on-power elite decide. It is becoming increasingly apparent that those who govern Sweden, whoever they are, don’t have what’s best for the Swedes in mind.”, she continues.
The Swedish resistance movement is inspired by the French, but not a copy of it. The Swedes focus on the issues considered most important for Sweden, while the French focus on their issues.
Another difference is that the Swedes have chosen events with speakers instead of street marches as protest form
Participants have been asked to wear yellow vests and a lot of those are likely to be seen in Sweden this weekend. Protests will also be held in Gothenburg, Malmö and several other cities.
As the yellow vests movement is spreading through Europe protests have been announced in Brussels (Belgium), Amsterdam and Rotterdam (The Netherlands), Stockholm (Sweden), Paris and several German cities.

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